Christian Hudson's GITA 3 Webpage

About Me

My name's Christian Hudson and I'm in 11th grade. I'm a committed member of the robotics FRC Team 7157, Mubotics. I'm also on the high school's track team, and I specialize in the 400m sprint. In GITA this year, we are using P5js to learn javascript. It has also had a heavy emphasis on creating games, which has been so much fun.

My Projects


Nameception (8/19)

The Name in a Name projects that I refer to as "Nameception" involved spelling out my name using versions of my name that are a smaller size and rotated as necessary


Holiday Card (8/25)

Holiday Card is made up of shapes used to create characters like Spangle


Landscape (8/29)

Landscape is an animation that portrays the historic fight between Spangle and BOLT.


How to Destroy A Planet (9/26)

This is a tutorial that teaches you how to, well, destroy a planet, similarly to how it was done in Landscape


Submarine Strife (10/18)

In Submarine Strife, you control the submarine with the mouse to collect fish while staying away from the jellyfish


Helicopter (11/9)

Helicopter uses arrays to draw birds flying away from the helicopter you control to keep from exploding on the ground


Bullet Bounce (12/15)

Bullet Bounce uses the spacebar to fire an array or bullets and hit an emeny also firing an array of bullets.


Space Odyssey(1/27)

Space Odyssey simulates spacemen floating in space, meteors crashing into the spacemen, and spaceships that take spacemen.


Mole Problem(5/25)

Mole Problem was my final project this year. It uses multiple properties we learned throughout the year to make a dungeon-style game.


At the end of the day, you should really join the robotics team. I heard everybody's doing it, and you dont want to be the only one not there, right?