Russian Spread of Misinformation

A look into Russian influence on American media

What is the Misinformation Being Spread?

On fake social media accounts, political posts were being spread in mass.
These accounts were mainly targeting and attacking the political left.
As seen above, some would take these posts about what certain candidates
stood for and against, and threw them across these media platforms.

Who Was Doing This?

This was the work of Russian hackers attempting to interfere with the election.
During the election, they were creating accounts on social media that were very
political. By reposting and spreading articles that lean to a side, and posting
and reposting them in mass,public opinion can sway. It's a poweful weapon when
all of these accounts attack one group.

How Was This Being Done?

Fake accounts were being created on social media platforms. They were more
believable than you would expect, so they're dangerous. But don't be fooled.
There isn's some Russian hacker typing out these posts. Accounts were run by
bots. They were only lines of code with programmed,posts and responses. The
scripting was so thurough, however, that the operation remained unknown.