The Beewise Beehome

An AI powered bee hive.

Why Are the Bees at Risk?

Every year, pesticiedes, disease, and climate change cause the death of 40% of bees. Given the importance of bees on the planet, This is a very alarming number. Beekeepers not noticing the warning signs in a colony plays a major role in this. Even worse is that all this death could've been prevented using an emerging technology called the "Beewise Beehome". Click here for info
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What is the Beewise Beehome?

The Beehome is a storage unit for bees where they can be monitored. All 24 in the colonies in the beehome can live safely under the watch of cameras, sensors, and robotic arms that will do the job of a beekeeper autonomously. This 2.5m x 2m x 2m container is catered to Commercial Beekepers that are managing 1000+ colonies. When the sensors detect a problem, it does more than use it's climate control. The robot acts accordingly and the colony can be saved. Click here for info

How is the Beehome Saving Bees?

If a pest like Varroa is detected by the robot, it will treat it in real-time. Likewise, if a pest that cant be seen by the naked eye leaves a visible effect on the colony, the robot notices and will apply treatment. Treatment involves momentarily heating the container to a temperature that will kill the pests but not harm the bee's blood. The hives are fed by the robot through a feeding container. The container was created with transportability in mind, but will also lock down its entrances when it detects harmful field substances, display it's GPS if it detects a theft in progress, and notify the owner through email or text when either of these happen. Click here for info